Wall Wine Rack - 5 Bottle 4 Glasses Rustic Picket Fence_Golden Oak color

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Rustic wall wine rack

A rustic wall-mounted wine rack that's original in design while adding functionality, character and originality to your home decor. 

A perfect wine rack for your home, cabin, beach house, or outdoor entertaining area. The Golden Oak colored piece has rusted nails to evoke that Western theme in a "picket fence" style will make a great focal point adding a unique charm to any wall space that needs a bit more eye appeal.  

  • Dimensions: 12"W x 24"T x 5"D
  • All handmade in the USA. We sell only to consumers. You won't find this wine rack anywhere else.
  • Holds 5 FULL bottles of wine & 4 glasses safely and securely. 
  • Mounting instructions & hardware are included for mounting to wall board OR wall stud.